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WV Connections - West Virginia ESL, LEP,  Title III Supporting English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, cultural exchanges and multicultural education in West Virginia. WV Connections
WV Department of Education
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV 25305
Tel. 304-558-0200
Fax. 304-558-6268


2012 Summer Institute for Teachers of ESL and World Language

June 28-30, 2012

Personalized Learning:  Nurturing Healthy, Responsible and Self-Directed Language Learners in the 21st Century Global Society

2011 Summer Institute for Teachers of ESL and World Language

June 21-24, 2011

LinguaFolio in the ESL and World Language Classroom:

Developing and Implementing Classroom Assessment for Learning to Support Student Language Proficiency


Day Topic
7/21 WVDE Balanced Assessment
7/22 What is LinguaFolio? Building your own LinguaFolio
7/23 Developing LinguaFolio-like activities
7/24 Assessing language performance


2010 Summer Institute for ESL Teachers




  • Key Note Speaker: Lisa Tabaku (brochure)
  • Date/Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, June 25, 2010
  • Location: Musselman High School, Inwood, WV.
  • Audience: Secondary content teachers and ESL teachers
  • AM Presentation: This session will provide teachers with strategies to use to develop the content knowledge and academic oral and literacy skills of ELLs.
  • PM Presentation: This session will expand on the morning's session to provide additional strategies for ESL teachers to use to develop the academic oral and literacy skills of ELLs.
  • Incentives: $350 stipend (for teachers traveling from more than 60 miles)
  • Application at: Word
  • Application Deadline: May 14, 2010


2009 PBL Resources
Project Management Skillbuilders Assessment
Group Observation Checklist Conflict Resolution Speak Collaboration Rubric
Leadership Bonus Lost at Sea GroupRank Oral Presentation Rubric
PowerPoint Planning Guide Lost at Sea Key Website Rubric
Project Storyboard Rainbow Logic Critical Thinking Rubric
Collaboration Rubric Space Ship Presentation Rubric
Project Calendar  
Spanish French, German, Latin ESL