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Multicultural & International Education

Multicultural education, as required by state code and West Virginia Board of Education policy, equips students with both knowledge and skill sets needed to coorperatively engage with people from other cultures, ethnicities, races and religions in the 21st century. Many West Virginia cities and towns are impacted by international investment in their communities (map). The following resources are intended to support the implementation of multicultural education programs at all levels across West Virginia. For more information or for further technical assistance, please feel free to contact us by email.


Classroom/School Implementation District-level State-level
  • Multicultural Education in the 21st Century Classroom Powerpoint
  • Global Awareness in the 21st Century Classroom PowerPoint
  • Global Awareness Rubrics (Word)
Summary of Best Practices for Multicultural Education including recommendations for Planning and Implementation at the district and/or school level Pamphlet (Adobe) West Virginia Board of Education policy requires that multicultural education be implemented in West Virginia schools in each programmatic level to foster attitudes of understanding and acceptance for cultural, ethnic, racial and religious differences.

Policy 4373
Policy 2320 7.1.14
Best Practice
In recent on-site audits conducted by the Office for Educational Performance Audits (OEPA) four schools received "Commendations" for having exemplary Multicultural Education programs. Each school was surveyed to garner information regarding their Best Practices in Multicultural Education (Survey)
Needs Assessment Tool
Rubric for identifying District Strengths and Weaknesses (Word)
Cyrus Vance Awards
The Cyrus Vance Awards were created by the Office of the Secretary of Education and the Arts in 2001 to honor West Virginia educators who best exemplify Vance's dedication to the understanding of international issues and affairs and to promote greater international understanding among West Virginia students. http://www.wvosea.org/cyrusvance.html