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ELP Standards

English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards are distinct because they explicitly focus on the learning needs of the wide range of LEP students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade who come from widely diverse cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds and are at different stages of English language acquisition. Unlike other content standards, they take into account the critical role of language learning in the achievement of content and specifically focus on the learning styles and instrucional needs of LEP students. ELP standards represent a bridge for LEP students to gain access to content instruction in English. Please see the link for Policy 2417.

New ELP Standards Effective: July 2014 (PDF)


ELP Standards - Resources


Implementation Plan (Word)

New ELP standards overview (PDF)

Interpretation Guidance New ELP Standards (Word)

ELP Standards Proficiency Level Description (Word)

Proficiency Level Descriptor Tables (PDF)

Resources Language Demands Next Generation Standards (PDF)

Unpacking ELP Standards (PDF) (Word)

Language Demands CCRS (PowerPoint)

Scenario Activity (Word)

Student Scenarios Grid (PDF)

Sample Student Profile (PDF)